Katryn and Don Robinson, Owners

As the parents of a gentle Golden Retriever, a shy Tibetan Spaniel, an elderly cat, and a happy bird, we knew first hand how hard it was to find a place to care for our pets just as we did. We wanted to know that they felt comfortable, warm, and loved even if it was an unfamiliar environment. In a chain link kennel, that’s hard hard thing to achieve.

Our dream was to create a place of warmth and familiarity, a second home for many other well loved pets. The Renaissance Pet Resort & Spa opened its doors in August 2002 and has been a favorite vacation spot for many four-legged friends. When parents travel to distant places around the world or just a few miles away, they know their beloved pets are having fun too!

Since 2002, our family has changed and grown. Wally, the big Golden Retriever & retired Guide Dog, Bisoux, the beautiful Bichon; Frasier, our Jewish cat; and Monty, our blue eyed beauty:and our happy bird have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge. All lived a wonderfully long life and we’re happy for the time they blessed our hearts & our lives.

We now have Piper! Piper is a rescue dog that was hit by a train in Riverside. Although she only has three legs and is now a cancer survivor, nothing stops this little girl from having fun and enjoying life!

Our lives are also graced by four wonderful felines, Polly, Penelope, Ed, Cheyenne & Molly. Polly, Cheyenne, Molly & Ed were adopted from Hope to Home for Cats in Yucaipa and Penelope found us!

The boarding office is the home of our SIX rescue birds: Timber and Wally, the African Greys; Louie, Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot; Baby Girl, a Cockatiel; Carusso, a Red Headed Lored; and Miss Scarlett, a Scarlet Macaw. Come by and meet them! There is never a dull moment when you have SIX talking parrots and a cockatiel that sings the entire rendition of “The Andy Griffith Show!” And, yes! We do board birds!

You can always count on us and our furkids to help your pets adjust to the “suite life” at Renaissance Pet Resort.
We are very proud of our staff, our services, and our facility. For the last seven years, we have received the honor of being named One of the Best Pet Businesses in the Inland Empire.

We also offer a a full service grooming shop with exceptional staff offering expert customer service to help your pet look & feel his best.

Renaissance Pet Salon & Spa, also a Pet Supply Center, is the pass area’s best independent source for pet foods and supplies. We’re not a chain or a franchise. We are a one of a kind, local, family owned pet supply store & grooming shop committed to providing the highest quality pet foods and supplies for your four legged family members.Our knowledgeable and caring staff is dedicated to the well being of your pet and providing the information our customers need to make informed choices. We offer a much higher quality selection of products than you will find in big box stores that includes frozen and freeze-dried raw diets and a large selection of natural, holistic and grain-free dog and cat foods, healthy treats, and many other items.

Renaissance Pet Salon takes pride in supporting local rescues and adoption agencies. We do not sell pets.

We are dedicated to the health and welfare of your pets! We offer exceptional customer service and we welcome the opportunity to advise you on the very best for your pet!