Renaissance Pet Salon & Spa is a full service appointment based grooming salon.

Our staff offers haircuts, tidys and bathing services with exceptional staff offering expert customer service to help your pet look & feel his best on a very individual basis.

Our appointments are dedicated to your pet and your groomer does not take care of any other pets during your appointment time. Most appointments are completed within 1-2 hours depending on size and condition of coat. 

Pet have dedicated appointments and you pet is individually cared for and will not wait in line for a groomer.  Curbside service is available!

Renaissance Pet Salon & Spa, also a Pet Supply Center, is the pass area’s best independent source for pet foods and supplies. We’re not a chain or a franchise. We are a one of a kind, local, family owned pet supply store & grooming shop committed to providing the highest quality pet foods and supplies for your four legged family members.
Our knowledgeable and caring staff is dedicated to the well being of your pet and providing the information our customers need to make informed choices. We offer a much higher quality selection of products than you will find in big box stores that includes freeze-dried raw diets and a large selection of natural, holistic and grain-free dog and cat foods, healthy treats, and many other items.
Renaissance Pet Salon takes pride in supporting local rescues and adoption agencies. We do not sell pets. We are dedicated to the health and welfare of your pets! We offer exceptional customer service and we welcome the opportunity to advise you on products and methods that will help promote a well balanced life for your furry friends.

Maintaining your pet’s coat is vital to his health, but pampering him is what he really wants and deserves. Let us pamper your furry friend! Our bathing and grooming services are inclusive, meaning you don’t pay extra for nail trimming, gland expression, ear cleaning, or coat & skin care consultations.

Your pet’s happiness and comfort is very important to us. We will reserve a bathing time for your pet and get them bathed as quickly as possible.

We prefer not to have them away from you any longer than the time our bather’s to make them beautiful. If you would like to plan a day or errands and appointments while you pet is being bathed, ask us about daycare!

We know your pet is very important and we would be happy to share with you ideas and suggestions to help you better care for your pet at home. Have you always wondered if you are using the correct brushes at home? How often should your pet be bathed? Our talented bathed will be happy to answer any questions you have about your pet’s skin & coat care. Go ahead…ask us!


What dog doesn’t love a facial? Our Blueberry facial is a tearless facial shampoo and brightener. The wonderfully gentle and aromatherapeutic ingredients include coconut & avocado oils, aloe, jojoba, and important vitamins to keep your pet’s coat looking wonderful. Used on a regular basis, it can alleviate some of those stubborn tear stains.



Less pet hair??? It’s possible with the Furminator treatment! The Furminator has been proven to reduce shedding by 90%!

We have hardwood floors in our home and with three fur-children, two of them long haired, vacuuming was a daily chore. Our pets are furminated on a monthly basis and, I happily report, its the best thing since sliced bread!

The treatment consists of a hair releasing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a brushing session with a specialized grooming tool. The tool releases the dead and loose hair, without trimming or cutting the coat. The result is a healthy, beautiful coat and a very happy parent! And, yes, that much hair really does come out! Ask us to bag up the hair – we’ll probably have a trash bag for you!