Renaissance Pet Resort offers a variety of spacious accommodations to meet your pet's needs:

Petite Suites

The 4×6 rooms offer 24 sq ft of little dog comfort and are located in our East Wing.

It is especially designed for the tiny pooch under 15 pounds.

The room is furnished with a tiny bed that is just the right size.


Standard Suites

The standard suites can be found in both the East & West wings.

Offering an average of thirty-six square feet, it is the perfect room for small pet desiring a bit more room or the little dog families.

This space also comfortably accommodates larger pets up to 70 pounds.

The rooms offer a variety of bedding options from small beds to a toddler bed.


Large Standard Suites

This larger room allows for extra space as it offers 54- 63 square feet.

The 6x9, 7x9 and 5x11 rooms are ideal for large families or active dogs.

Both the East & West wings offer the Large Standard Suite


Luxury Suites

The Luxury Suite is for the pet or family looking for a bit more of the feel of home.

The larger rooms offer much more space in the 12x12 room.

With the big comfortable beds, windows & satellite TV, your pets are sure to enjoy their time at Renaissance.

Located in both the East & West wings.

The Luxury Suite can also accommodate cats or a cat & dog family.


Royalty Suites

Just like home….comfortable couches and chairs...a big TV in 144 sq feet. .

This room is decorated just like a family room in a home & is for the truly spoiled pets!

This suite is located in the East Wing & has a private play yard.

The Royalty Suite can also accommodate cats or a cat & dog family.



The cattery is bright, inviting & cheerful!

The cats enjoy a large private 200 sq ft suite and is located in the East Wing.

The cattery allows freedom & an ability to play!

Plans to add a “Catio” an outdoor feline area are in the works!


Aviary & Small Animal

Birds & small animals of all sizes are welcome and can stay either in the office area or our dedicated Aviary in the East Wing. .

Small animals can be housed in their own dwellings brought from home or reserve a Suite



Dogs love to have friends! Whether its canine or human friends, we have the perfect play areas. .

Extend a stay or just come for the day!

Have the repairman coming? Daycare is perfect for cats and dogs!